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Yes, an ISD can be worthy of historical reflection.  Lanham begins an article in "The Facts," on Brazosport ISD

Retired teachers produce history of BISD

Published May 19, 2009

CLUTE — Frederick Holder and a group of retired teachers weren't finished giving history lessons when they left the classroom.

Holder is presenting copies of the first volume of a three-book series, "The Antecedent and Early History of the Brazosport Independent School District." The first edition covers 1821 to 1917.

Many times people are asked questions about the history of the school, but no one has the answer, said Francis Snelgrove, a retired teacher. Holder's books will be able to answer any questions people might have, she said.

"We can know something about what happened years ago," she said.

The project began in the 1980s when members of the Brazosport Association of Retired Teachers began researching the book, then searched for a writer to compile all of the information. Eventually, they found Holder, a Freeport native and 1948 graduate of Freeport High School."

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