God and Texas

The Texian Christian Writers organization has a collection of books demonstrating their self-description: "We, the Texian Christian Writers, do covenant with our Lord Jesus Christ and one another to become Christorians -- dedicated to remembering, researching, recording, and restoring the God of History to the people of Texas and the world. 

We have many members who qualify as professionals and many who are interested in serving God in ministry to children through the history of Texas. If you are interested in joining our group, here is what we ask:

1 You are a practicing Christian who holds Jesus as Lord of your life.
2 You have an interest in the Christian history of Texas.
We have 2 conferences each year and at these conferences you may join our group. Also, you may join by sharing your interest with our group via email."
   The TCW has several biographies for the 7th grade market, coloring books on early Texians and a volume entitled The Texas God Created.    See more at http://www.godandtexas.org/

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