LC American Memory Collections

American Memories is a section of webpage by the Library of Congress.
Searching for "Texas" one finds 250 pages of items, each page with 15 items, and 250 is the maximum number of pages retrievable.  So Texas likely has far in excess of 5,000 items.  Can so be useful for schools.
What items?  Photographs, maps, sheet music, architecture, books, laws, just all sorts of things - graphically depicted !!!
The items are mostly from the LC, but other institutions contribute, e.g., UT-Austin.
In all probability your town has material there, maybe dozens, maybe hundreds.
Topics are broad.  American Memories has bluebonnets, armadillos, longhorns, etc.
You can search by place - lotsa hits for Dallas, Galveston, Houston, and of course my hometown of Marshall, and my places of education Jacksonville, Nacogodoches, Kingsville, and Austin.  You can browse by time period..
You can also browse by topic

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