Texas History (with Primary Sources 1997) Marrou

ERIC at http://www.eric.ed.gov/ notes this decade old introduction (ERIC 428996).  Somebody should find it interesting to obtain a copy and compare it to opportunities today.
Texas History:  Teaching with Primary Source Series.  By Judy Marrou and Patti Woolery-Price.  Peterborough, NH:  Cobblestone Publishing Company, 1997. 192 pages.
It's abstract reads: "Intended to be used by teachers of grades 5 and up, this unit deals with Texas. The unit is built around the seven standards of the new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), an outcome-based social studies curriculum guide for teaching Texas history. The guide includes the following standards: citizenship, economics, geography, history, government, culture, and science/technology. The activities in the unit are designed around the social studies skills outlined in TEKS. Looking at old photographs, letters, maps, and census records students learn the stories of real people. Students are asked to collect information from several sources and to create visual materials that include maps, timelines, and graphs. The focus is on cooperative problem-solving and decision-making as processes for learning. Activities are provided that allow students to practice the following skills and strategies: collecting, organizing, interpreting, and weighing the significance of factual evidence to achieve a systematic document analysis; comparing and contrasting evidence from different sources; identifying factual information and separating it from opinion; identifying points of view and biases; and developing defensible inferences, conclusions, and generalizations from factual evidence practice. (BT) "

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