Archeology Lessons

Archeology Month is October.  But the Texas Historical Commission has some material for teachers who can use them throughout the year.  Their information sheet begins with this:
"How to Plan and Manage an Archeology Fair

Archeology fairs emphasize hands-on activities, displays and interactive exhibits. This manual contains a step-by-step checklist for planning a fair and ideas for activities including spear toss with atlatl, demonstration dig, flintknapping, wild-plant use, pottery making, rock-art painting, basket making, storytelling, tipi life, traditional foods and weaving. Also included are handouts to be used with various activities, as well as forms for scheduling volunteers and requesting publicity. About 40 pages long, the manual is intended for three-hole punching and placement in a notebook so you can add information, forms and other activity ideas of your own.


Texas Archeology in the Classroom: A Unit for Teachers

You can use this valuable classroom resource throughout the year. The four-part unit includes the following:

• Background sections that explain how archeologists work and provide overviews of archeological sites and Native Americans in Texas from Paleoindian through historical times.

• More than 20 activities or lesson plans using archeological topics for learning across the curriculum."
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