Houston Texana Activities

Some interesting options are noticed in March newsletter of Young Audiences of Houston


Music in our Schools Month, Women's History Month, and Texas Independence Day

For the full schedule see  http://www.ya.houston.org  


From their  several fine options are threee clearly Texana


InterActive Theater  - The Story of the Lone Star State

Performance, Grades 1-7

This original production by Houston 's award-winning children's theater takes a bite out of Texas history. From the Native Americans to NASA astronauts, 600 years of Texas tales are told in 45 minutes. Audiences learn about Indian folklore, Spanish exploration, Hispanic heritage, and the many cultures and peoples that have shaped our state. Four actors play more than 50 roles, bringing to life such colorful characters as Sam Houston, Santa Anna, and James Bowie. Students experience a fantastic performance and become part of history, as the unique InterActive Theater Company allows them to volunteer on stage, answer questions, and offer suggestions to the actors. Teachers and educators find Texas history curriculum enhanced by a production that is at once educational and entertaining. So saddle up for the ride of your life – and don't worry, we'll remember the Alamo !

Single performance $760  Back to back $885  Audience limit 450  Performance length 45 minutes


John M. Keahey - Soldiers of the Texas Revolution, 1835 to 1836

Performance, Grades 2-12

The epic of Texas ' struggle for independence from Mexico is brought to life through the motley clothing and equipment of typical Texan settlers and Texan Army volunteers. The Texan diversity of clothing is then contrasted with the elaborate European-style uniform of a Mexican foot soldier.

Single performance $200  Same day performances $100 for each additional  Audience limit 60  Performance length 45 minutes


Paragon Brass Ensemble  - Texas, Alive with Music

Performance, Grades 3-12

View the sweeping pageantry of Texas history through music. From early Spanish exploration and the first settlement by American frontiersmen to the Battle for Independence and the Civil War, music has given voice to the land of Texas . Listen and learn as Paragon Brass traces this epic saga with musical selections relating Texas ' journey from colonization to independent nation to the Lone Star State .

Single performance $695 / Back to back $800 / Audience limit 300 / Performance length 45 minutes

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