Texas Studies - Birdville ISD

The Birdville ISD site is rich with Texas instruction aidsSeems the folks at Birdville ISD take good steps to aid their Texana teachers. 
The Social Studies Curriculum can be explored at
Their posted version of the 6-page 7th grade Texas History: Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
is augmented with correlations with
TAKS Correlations (Grades 8, 10, 11)

 and  Correlations Tested on TAAS, not on TAKS
Among the 4th grade documents is the basic TEKS Texas history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, culture, and science and social studies annotated bibliography by Dr. Donna Norton, offered by TEA:
One of BISD's 2nd grade documents for  State and Local Community awareness is at
Their kindergarten charts demonstrate keen detail and assistance. At present I'm not sure whether the K TEKS charts were developed by BISD or whether they are provided by the State.  For example, see http://www.birdville.k12.tx.us/Instruction/ss2/Scope%20&%20Sequence%20Documents/00K/5th%20six%20weeks%20Kinder.doc
Kudos to all those in and around Halton City, home of BISD.

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