Texas History Teachers Bulletin 1912

Title PageThe Texas History Teachers Bulletin .  This digital volume begins with volume 1, number 1, November 1912 (UT Dept. of History) and includes several subsequent issues into 1914.  It is available full-text online through Google.  All 135 pages.  It's almost a centennial piece. 
Most of the content regards broader American and European history, but some Texana is included, some being reports from local teachers (from Austin, Cleburne, Wichita Falls, Galveston, Cuero, etc.), an occasional history of Texas bibliography, etc.  Barker and Raines figure in the contributors.  Teachers are also guided in the use of the blackboard, notebooks, maps, and other pedagogial devices.  Some industrious person could make a great historical inquiry into Texana pedagogy.  You can also download it as a pdf file for convenience. 
 The introductory quotation begins, Lamar as expected. "The cultivated mind is the guardian genuis of democracy...."  Its "Purpose" statement includes a precedent from the American Historical Association's The History Teacher's Magazine
The first issue has an essay on "Charles the Great."
The copy comes from the Harvard Univesity Library of the Graduate School of Education, digitized only last May.

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