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Texas Stories has an admirable variety of useful options for teachers of Texas history.
Self-description: "TEXAS STORIES is a Texas History Audio Series, Web Site and Weekly e-Newsletter about the Lone Star State. Hosted by Timothy Patrick Miller, TEXAS STORIES will present 30- to 90-second audio programs and interviews about people, places and events in Texas History using music, sound effects, actualities and the art of storytelling.
OUR TOWN: Audio Postcards and Audio Snapshots from the Past will feature 30- to 90-second stories about local and regional history for web site and e-Newsletter presentation.
TEXAS STORIES Weekly Audio Series will be podcast, available online and distributed via the Weekly e-Newsletter.
The Web Site will feature story and interview audio clips, transcripts, historical images and links to online Texas History resources. Expanded City and County web pages are in development and will showcase the OUR TOWN programming.
A free, subscriber-based, email Newsletter -- TEXAS STORIES WEEKLY -- will present the Project's weekly audio feature, a weekly audio contest called What's My Story?, audio interviews and fascinating facts about Texas History. A Story Forum and Classroom Activities for Grades 4 and 7 are also in development."
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