Anna Pennybacker

Anna Pennybacker was the author of choice for teachers and parents wishing to inculcate their youngsters with the state's history.  The Online Handbook of Texas has a article by Stacey Cordery that begins
"PENNYBACKER, ANNA J. HARDWICKE (1861-1938). Anna Pennybacker, clubwoman, woman suffrageqv advocate, author, and lecturer, daughter of John Benjamin and Martha (Dews) Hardwicke, was born on May 7, 1861, in Petersburg, Virginia. As a high school student she substituted the unexplained initial J for her second given name, McLaughlin. She graduated from the first class of Sam Houston Normal School in Huntsville, continued her education in Europe, and subsequently taught grammar and high school for fourteen years, including some sessions at the Chautauqua Summer Assembly. In 1884 she married native Texan Percy V. Pennybacker (who died in 1889); they had three children who reached adulthood. Mrs. Pennybacker wrote and published A New History of Texas in 1888, and the textbook was a staple of Texas classrooms for forty years." 
The bibliography there reads: "BIBLIOGRAPHY: Helen Knox, Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker (New York: Revell, 1916). Theodore Morrison, Chautauqua (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1974). Anna J. H. Pennybacker Collection, Barker Texas History Center, University of Texas at Austin. Rebecca Richmond, A Woman of Texas: Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker (San Antonio: Naylor, 1941)."

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