Liberty, Justice, and Frall - Marjorie Kutchinski

Kutchinski, Marjorie.  Liberty, Justice, and Frall:  The Dog Heroes of The Texas Republic.  Austin:  Eakin Press, c1998.  139 p; hardcover ISBN 1-57168-217-1 $15.95; paperback ISBN 1-57168-227-9 $9.95
Publisher's recommendation:  Reading level 5.0.
            Liberty, Sam Houston's dog and the female dog hero of the Republic, tells the story of her life with Sam Houston.  The original manuscript of her story was retrieved from the grounds of the Alamo by her descendent, Lady, and it now resides in the "Dogs of the Republic of Texas Headquarters."  According to Liberty's diary, Jim Bowie's dog Justice becomes her mate, and Sam Houston names their pup Frall.  Houston takes Justice for his own dog when Bowie dies at the Alamo.  [Courtesy: Lucie Olson's The Alamo and the Texas Revolution, An Annotated Bibliography. DRT Alamo Library, 2004.] 

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