Observe the Sensitive Issues at TEA

Will's blogs and Monthly generally avoid fueling controversy by taking sides, and such is still the case.  However,  without taking sidea, we've discovered a list of issues that TEA staff is sensitive and apparently prohibited from discussing.  The list comes from TEA paperwork in a lawsuit regarding the alleged forced resignation of a TEA employee regarding the teaching of evolution which is consequently another item to be on the list.  The list includes
"Whether schools should teach "whole language" or "phonics" in English Language Arts; Whether schools should have grammar as a separate section of the English curriculum or embedded in the overall curriculum;
How schools should present the treatment of minorities in U.S. or Texas history;
Whether schools should have required reading lists in English or other subjects (and if so what books should be included on them);
Whether schools should emphasize scientific processes or content;
Whether schools should require laboratory instruction in science courses;
How schools should integrate the Spanish-language grammar or decoding skills into English TEKS for students with limited English proficiency (LEP);
Whether to include instruction on contraceptives along with abstinence, in the presentation of human sexuality in health education."

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