Texas School Journal

Texas School Journal (1883-1930)
Spearman, Mindy.  " ' Everything to Help, Nothing to Hinder':  The Story of the Texas School Journal."  Southwestern Historical Quarterly,  Vol. CXI, No. 3, (January 2008), pp 282-302.
The Texas School Journal and its derivatives expounded methods of proper teachhing  and proper Normal school affairs from 1883 to 1930.  In summary, under this banner "in-service training," a 19th century term, coalescsed, at the guidance of 15 editors and various owners.  Mindy Spearman, who teaches at Clemson University, traces the story with some lighter references to the Journal's competitors.  The Journal published articles, editorials, position papers, advertisements, local news, state news, recommended policy, and carried on disagreements with newspapers and other public and private institutions.   Shortly after it shifted it focus to school administation, it folded.

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