Fairy and the Chupacabra - James Mangum, Sidney Spires

Book review: The Fairy and Chupacabra
'The Fairy and the Chupacabra and Those Marfa Lights' should keep the kids entertained - by Charlie Owen
[Review begins]: "Children's books always baffle me. They're intended to be read to small children at an age when their imaginations run wild and the beasts under the bed and in the closet are more frightening and real than anything that can actually harm them. So why is it that writers of children's books always populate their works with the most bizarre and scary creatures known to man?

At least in "The Fairy and the Chupacabra and Those Marfa Lights" there is no big bad wolf waiting to eat the kids in some remote village or a headless horseman waiting in the woods to exact revenge on some poor school teacher. ..."  READ MORE FROM THE VAIL DAILY http://www.vaildaily.com/article/20080811/AE/16621761/1068

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coffee said...

out of all the mythical, blood sucking creatures out there, the Chupacabra is almost certainly the sneakiest