Environmental History

TSHA Conference Programs About Environmental History


If your students are not motivated by traditional Texas history. The TSHA demonstrates that new options are very possible.

The recent Annual Meeting of the Texas State Historical Association provides evidence of and impetus toward the social movement to re-attachment ourselves to the earth. The industrial, transportation, and information revolutions that have disconnected us from history’s natural focus on a “sense of place” have contributed to humanity’s alienation from its bedrock environment. Several programs at the conference demonstrate that our re-attachment is entering a more formal stage. Some of those programs were:

“Texas Environmental History: A Roundtable Discussion”
“ ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’: Wind Power History in Texas”
“A Blend of Science, Art, and Culture: The Maps of the Texas General Land Office”
“Texas State Parks and Renewed Focus on the Contributions of the 1930’s America: Preserving and Interpreting the Civilian Conservation Corps”
“The Politics of Disaster: A Roundtable Discussion on Oral History and the Politics of Blame” [Regarding Hurricanes Katrina and Rita]
“Lone Star Landscapes: Texans and Their Environment in History”
“Confronting Twenty-First-Century Environmental Realities in Texas”
“Environmental History of Houston and the Gulf Coast”

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