Fire Prevention Season

Back in the olden day when I was in public schools, we always had to prepare a "Fire Prevention" project each year. If'n TEA or others still require that, these sources may be useful:
A Google search for “texas fire museum” brought many citations. The first 500 citations were noticed and the cities below were found with significant websites. In all there may be a couple of hundred “museums” large, small, or identifiable parts within larger museums. The many small museums tend to be associated with “fire” organizations than general museum networks.

Austin http://www.austinfiremuseum.org/
Mission Statement: Share and preserve the rich history of the Austin Fire Department and its firefighters, and to serve the public through fire and life safety education.

Beaumont http://www.firemuseumoftexas.org/
Mission Statement: not on webpage

Dallas http://www.texasfiremuseum.org/
Mission Statement: To preserve the old Dallas Fire Department Maintenance Facility and to establish a fire apparatus museum that serves as an educational resource for the community.

Dallas http://www.dallasfirerescue.com/museum.htm
Mission Statement: not obvious on webpage

Houston http://www.houstonfiremuseum.org/
Mission Statement: Educating the community on fire and life safety and the history of the fire service.

Does your local community have such fire museum or exhibit???
Other resources
“Texas Commission on Fire Protection” article http://www.tsha.utexas.edu/handbook/online/articles/TT/mdtgz.html

Texas Commission on Fire Protection (State agency) http://www.tcfp.state.tx.us/
TDFP recent videos catalog http://www.tcfp.state.tx.us/library/videos.asp
For more information about the library, please call the agency at (512) 936-3833, or contact us by e-mail at info@tcfp.state.tx.us.

Texas Fire Fighting Colleges (28) (Oddly does not mention TAMU)

Texas Wildfire Awareness Week Proclamation

Texas Wildfire Awareness Week and newsclips http://tfsweb.tamu.edu/newsroom/
Texas Wildfire Resources http://www.tdi.state.tx.us/consumer/wildfires.html
Texas State Fire Marshal Publications http://www.tdi.state.tx.us/fire/fmbrochures.html

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