Houston Review of History and Culture

The Houston Review of History and Culture
(new series: vol. 3, no. 1, Fall 2005). http://www.class.uh.edu/TheHoustonReview

The revival of this journal / magazine is a patent success. Joe Pratt at the University of Houston has guided its transformation from its previous incarnation through a change of title (formerly The Houston Review: History and Culture of the Gulf Coast now as above ), publisher (formerly Houston Public Library Board, now UH’s Center for Public History), periodicity (formerly 3 issues a year , now semi-annually), illustrative matter (formerly few, now many ), size (formerly 6”x 9”, now 8 ½” x 11”), and authorship (formerly many institutional employees, now more general historical public and researchers), and issue focus (formerly articles on diverse topics, now each issue has a theme).
Previous issues covered Women in Houston History, Civic Leadership in Houston, the Texas Medical Center, Houston Remembers World War II, Coming to Houston, and projected issues will cover Historic Preservation, East Texas and the Law, the Arts in Houston, and Building Houston.
The current issue on “Coming to Houston” collects nine articles and several sidebars on European, Jewish, Latino, Vietnamese, and Black immigration to Houston by several authors.
An admirable subscription for all public and academic libraries and most high school libraries in southeast Texas, as well as medium to large public and academic libraries throughout Texas. Very good for business reception offices. Old timers, students, and newcomers with interest in history or Houston will find the price attractive at $10 (student), $15 (individual), and $25 (institution).
Abstracted and indexed: Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life.
The price is very attractive and the quality is high. High schools and some middle schools will find it suitable

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