For Quizzers

The recent (2007) release of a preliminary glance at the new, official U.S. immigration quiz prompts one to remember that the Texas State Historical Association’s web site includes a list of online quizzes at http://www.tsha.utexas.edu/quiz/archive.html. The quizzes, usually 10 questions each, are prepared in collaboration with the Handbook of Texas Online. The dates the quizzes were presented and the topics are below.March 2000 -- General Texas History Topics, July 2001 -- Texas Rivers Quiz, September 2001 -- Traveling Through Texas Towns, December 2001 -- Texas Sports History, March 2002 -- A Return to the "Texas History Movies", June 2002 -- Presidents and Governors, October 2002 -- Texas Greats, January 2003 -- The Great Texas Quiz, Part II, March 2003 -- A Quick Pass Through El Paso History, November 2003 -- Texas Colleges and Universities, December 2004 -- World War II, February 2005 -- The History of Fort Worth, July 2005 -- Texas and the Civil War, November 2005 -- Indians of Texas, March 2006 -- The History of Austin

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