Laws of the Republic

Laws of the Republic of Texas.
[Compiled by the Secretary of State]. Printed by the Office of the Telegraph, 1837.
Reprinted in Houston by The Beasley Company for the Museum of Printing History located in Houston, 1986. [165] pages, hardback under brown covers, all edges gilt, stamped in gold with the Republic seal on the front and the title on the spine, boxed. $10.00. MPH: http://www.printingmuseum.org/

The 1st session of the Republic of Texas Legislature met for two months, late October to late December in 1836 at the temporary capital of Columbia. In total, there were 45 actions, 27 laws and 18 joint resolutions. The volume’s actions are arranged chronologically, October 25 to December 20. The “Index” is more like a “Table of Contents” in the modern manner, sequentially listing the laws’ short titles and page numbers.

After the session ended, Secretary of State R.A. Irion caused the laws to be “Printed at office of the Telegraph” in Houston in early 1837 under the title of Laws of the Republic of Texas. The title page refers to “two volumes,” the second, separate work would embrace the actions of 1837. The present volume’s pages total at 165.

The volume contained at the front “The Declaration of Independence …” and “The Constitution of the Republic of Texas.”
The Museum of Printing History has had these on sale at an excellent price. Good primary sources. - WH

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