Mascot Mania - Paul Ruffian's students

Mascot Mania: Spirit of Texas High Schools.

Compiled and edited by a class of 20 students of Paul Ruffin’s graduate course in English. Introduction by Gary Wilkens. Huntsville: Texas Review Press, http://www.shsu.edu/~www_trp/, 2005.
160 pages, $16.95, paperback, ISBN 1-881515-72-9, 6x9 inches.

This little book can be often used. The compilers found about 300 different mascots from about 1,200 schools. The most popular were animals, Eagles, Bulldogs, Tigers, Panthers, Mustangs represented about 50 schools each. The most popular human figures included Indians, Pirates, Warriors, Trojans, Rangers, Rebels, and Knights. Weather included the Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Other creatures abounded. My favorites are the Hutto Hippos and the Hamlin Pied Pipers.

Is your town or school included. Talk about relavant historical investigations!! - WH

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