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The Young Texas Reader Blog
established 2008
is intended to provide a more orderly survey of the growing and diversifying Young Texana in order to enable youngsters and those who care for them with a better understanding of their state community. The YTR primarily serves as an awareness tool for books and all other formats (including internet sites) intended for youngsters early through high school. Secondarily it serves as a place to alert folks of relevant educational matters without the rant and cant although opinions are invited.

YTR is for the general public, teachers, librarians, writers, artists, publishers, agents, museum or other historical, literary, or educational institutional staffers, and other curious folks.

YTR treats children’s and teenagers’ books and all other informational formats treating Texas as a subject, setting, or with another substantial anchor to Texas, other than author nativity or residency. Textbooks and other adult educational matter assisting with such education, care, or entertainment may be included. The primary focus is on published material 2000 onward, but some retrospective work is considered. All genres are covered - non-fiction, fiction, poetry, pictorials, foreign language, reference, etc. Bibliographies are included. The history of Texana for youngsters is interesting. YT also includes news and information about events relative to pertinent educational, historical, or literacy concerns, as well as author/illustrator interviews or links to the same. Award and prize information is important.

YTR book postings may be simply a single bibliographical citation as an FYI, possibly with a publisher’s description (so identified), a simple subject annotation, a critical review of content, physical and visual/audible presentation, social appropriateness to the apparent intended audience, reading level, or a link to a review elsewhere. As available and applicable, basic purchasing information and links to publisher, author, and illustrator homepages is offered.

Postings originate from within the YTR support group and others who send information. YTR group members supply 1 to 2 postings a month.

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