Best Houston Sports - Jose de Jesus Ortiz

The Best Houston Sports Arguments:

The 100 most controversial, debatable questions for die-hard sports fans.

By Jose de Jesus Ortiz. Naperville, Ill: Source Books, 2007. pbk, author portrait, index
ISBN: 9781402210891 http://www.sourcebooks.com/

Here's a volume that should attract school library users, at least in Houston.

On the assumption that Houstonians talk about local sports, this will settle and start countless important points for questions such as:
What was the most magical performance in Houston sports history? What should we do with the Astrodome? What was the biggest post-season homerun? What was the worst move by a general manager? Who are the top 5 basketball players? What really happened at the 1979 Cotton Bowl? What was UH’s best year? All rather simple things.

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