Texas Bedtime Picture Books

B e d t i m e Picture Books
Dromgoole, Glenn. Good Night, Cowgirl illus by Barbara Clack. Albany: Bright Sky Press,
2006. Same as Good Night Cowboy. http://www.brightskypress.com/
Dromgoole, Glenn. Good Night, Cowboy illus by Barbara Clack. Albany, Texas: Bright Sky
Press, 2006. A charming book of simple captions with gentle pastel drawings. It's
"Good night" to the boat, the tractor in the shed, and sunset in the western sky, and such,
Eilenberg, Max, Cowboy Kid. / illus by Sue Heap. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press, 2000.
Gamble, Adam. Good Night, Texas illus by Red Hansen. South Korea: Our World of Books,
2007. A "board book" of "greetings" with hello, good mornings, ahoys, good afternoons,
good evenings, and, of course, good night. "Ahoy there fisherman, out on the Gulf of
Mexico. Outdoors is the dominant setting. Traditional and fresh material. Ends with a
scene of sleeping around a campfire. (This is not the recent novel of the same name.)
Heap, Sue. Cowboy Baby / Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press, copyright 1998.
(from Children's Texana Picture and Easy Books of Recent Interest:A Casual Bibliography of150 titles, Compiled by Will Howard)

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