Warriors - Jim Eldridge

Eldridge, Jim. Paul Fisher-Johnson, illustrator. Warriors! True Stories of Combat, Skill and Courage. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 2001. 128 p.; paperback ISBN 0-439-29650-1 $4.99.
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Six types of real and fictional warriors are included in this book. For this bibliography, only the section on the Alamo is of importance. The battle is portrayed in a ten-page, fictionalized section as having been fought exclusively by American and British settlers against the Mexican army. Weapons used in the battle are mentioned; the Texan defenders are given a rating based on code of honor, ruthlessness, weaponry, tactics, and courage. Samurai and U.S. Special Forces have higher ratings.
[Courtesy: Lucie Olson's The Alamo and the Texas Revolution, An Annotated Bibliography. DRT Alamo Library, 2004.]
Other info: Amazon reading level: ages 4-8. Chicken House is also cited as a frequent source.

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