Texas Historical and Literary Blogs Project

We're compiling a list of "Texas Historical and Literary Blogs," because there appears to be no such bibliography now.  To date we have about 60, adding one or two each week or so.  I'm guessing the total may be about 75.  Searching methodology has been diverse.  The picking has been odd at times and refreshing at times. 
The list has gotten long enough to be more convenient by category so the categories at present are
Wills General History, Literature, and Reference
Agents, Editors, Publicists, Consultants, etc.
Architectural Preservation
Classroom Experiments
Commercial Expressions
Culturally Merging / Verging on Historical or Literary Historical Interests
Literary Interests & Writers
Reading Clubs
Adapted Format
The final work will be released in August as a monothematic issue of Will's Texana Monthly.  The final work will invclude some annotation for each and possibly a graphic from each blog if the imagery does not add too much to the file size.
Do please feel free to suggest blogs.

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