Teaching Texas History - DeBoe, TSHA

Teaching Texas History: An All-Level Resource Guide,
2nd Revised Edition. By David C. De Boe. Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1996. ISBN 0-87611-091-X. 8 1/2 x 11 in., vii + 153 pp. Paper, $15.95 TSHA Member's price, $12.76 http://www.tsha.utexas.edu/publications/books/teaching.html

This plain looking, gray, spiral bound volume plainly ought to be in about every public library system and college library of a general nature in Texas, to say nothing of the public schools, even though it is 10 years old. Now that’s a big statement, but the volume is simply packed with Texana sources for the youngsters and teaching material for the adults. TSHA in its usual fine commitment to public education has recently arranged the printing a few more copies courtesy of the Houston Chronicle, so quit piddling around and get a copy. Its official focus is on history and geography, but it really goes further.

Aside from the many formats addressed from atlases to periodicals to posters to Spanish language material to videos and more, DeBoe made sure that Barbara Immroth, editor of Texas in Children’s Books, 1986, assisted in compiling the “Juvenile Books” section (pages 87 to120) which includes fiction. All total, there may be 500 annotated titles through the volume. Yes, the 2-pager on internet resources, which is little more than a recommendation to the still good Armadillo Gopher, is in retrospect demonstrates just what has happened in the last decade. Acquiring and using this volume can invigorate yourself or your collection and provide an excellent baseline for collecting. While some of the purchase prices may be out of date, much of the free material may still be.

The reign of successful juvenile Texana can rise from this volume’s paper planes.

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