Ten Cows to Texas - Peggy Mercer, Bill Crews

 Ten Cows to Texas. By Peggy Mercer and illus by Bill Crews.  Brooklyn:  Handprint Books, 2005. Ages 4-7.    http://www.handprintbooks.com
 The 10 lovelies (count them) from Lonesome Cow, Georgia are out to win a beauty contest in El Paso. The leader Mimi manages to "acquire" a truck and they're off on a road trip.  They dodge deer, get pursued by the police, join a parade, eat in Mississippi, avoid alligators in Louisiana, and highball it across Texas despite the police, bluebonnet distractions, a thunderstorm, and other hurdles.  Mimi does get the tiara!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,
I came across this review which you did on Ten Cows, and as always, I appreciate it so much and appreciate your encouragement. I have to speak at the Savannah Children's Book Festival next month, then have several thousand in some student assemblies across Georgia into the Spring. My next book, PEACH, WHEN THE WELL RUN DRY, will be out in 2010 and I'll let you know as soon as I get it, when the "due out" date is. If you know of any schools, or festivals I might visit in the awesome state of Texas please let me know...your area would be so super...the cows are still so popular! I am negotiating right now for the digital rights so the book can be uploaded to children's IPODS and phones!
Thanks so much, PEGGY MERCER