Birth of an Artist in Texas - Leslie Hawes

Leslie's Blog
http://www.lesliehawes.com/wordpress/?p=1610 explains how she became a professional artist. And it happened in Texas - Midland of all places where they like the color green.
Leslie Hawes' first book was the 1988 issue of Two Glass Buttons: a Story of the Runaway Scrape, text by Marguerite Star Crain.
My goodness, Maggie Lambeth has a copy and she's asking $75.00 for it. Signed and in fine condition with its dustjacket. And the illustrations are really good. In a dry color medium - Leslie's favorite. http://www.texanbooks.com/si/11010.html

A good reader for girls and boys too.

See also http://www.lesliehawes.com/

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leslie said...

Well, Howdy, Will!
Leslie from Leslie's Blog here.
What a nice surprise to find your link to my blog.
Thanks so very much.

I got a good giggle out of the mention of the used copy of the book being offered for $75.
That means my bookshelf just improved in value by...oh..$200. or so :)