Patience in Courage - Beth Fehlbaum

East Texas Author Pens Novel Speaking Out Against Abuse
By LAUREN KEATON Staff Writer Tyler Morning Telegraph
Thousands of children are sexually abused in America every year.
The National Resource Council estimates the percent of the U.S. population which has been sexually abused to ranges from 54-62 percent.
Beth Fehlbaum was one of them. "Almost four years ago, I went into recovery for sexual abuse," she said. Ms Fehlman is a teacher in Athens Independent School District and author of a debut novel "Courage in Patience."
Although she said she was abused in her adolescence, she has only been dealing with the pain for a short time.
"I just pushed it back," she said. "I tried to deal with it in my early 20s. I weighed 100 pounds more than I do now. I was trying to hide behind my weight. I just stuffed myself and constantly had a feeling of anxiety and didn't know why. I just went from one thing to another."
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Her blog at http://courageinpatience.blogspot.com/
Publisher http://www.kunati.com/courage-in-patience
Should be considered for Young Adult Reading, main character is 14-years-old

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