In the Shadow of the Alamo - Sherry Garland

Garland, Sherry.  In the Shadow of the Alamo.  San Diego:  Harcourt, 2001.  282 p.; hardcover ISBN 0-15-201744-5 $17.00.
ShadowAlPublisher's recommendation: ages 10 and up.
      "Even though fifteen-year-old Lorenzo Bonifacio lives only in this novel, the young reader will find his life convincing and believable.  The author draws from first-hand accounts by Mexican soldiers to write imaginatively about Lorenzo's village in Mexico, his conscription into the Mexican army, and his experiences in the Texas revolution.  Young boys will identify with Lorenzo's adventures, and young girls will appreciate the drama of the story.  A glossary of Spanish words is provided, but no pronunciation guide is given.   [Courtesy: Lucie Olson's The Alamo and the Texas Revolution, An Annotated Bibliography. DRT Alamo Library, 2004.] 
Other Info:  Paperback planned for 2007
Included on Reforma Children and Young Adults Service Comm. Latino Bibliography http://www.reforma.org/YA%20Latino%20Bibliography%20revised%201-2-2008.pdf
Not to be confused with Clara Driscoll's 1906 collection of short stories In the Shadow of the Alamo, now available online, full text.
Sam Ratcliffe in his Painting Texas History to 1900, T.. Gentilz is reported to have once painted a scene that became the illustration of the sheet music to "In the Shadow of the Sacred Alamo."

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This book showed the intensity and hardships of war and brought me close to tears. 5 stars!